Make Your Own Custom Silhouette Portrait


One last idea for your Valentine. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own custom silhouette portrait for the one you love.

You will need scissors, card stock, stapler, tracing paper or vellum (I bought vellum because it has more applications for other paper crafting projects) a clear profile photograph, pencil and a glue stick.

Place the vellum over your photograph and carefully trace over the profile, making sure to include the idiosyncratic details that will make your profile instantly recognizable- funny tufts of hair and all.
Staple the vellum to the card stock and then carefully cut it out. You may have to do this more than once to get it right- the details can be tricky.

I played around with lots of different framing options for these. Once you choose a favorite, glue the finished silhouettes to a pretty background and frame.

You could also scan the finished silhouettes and upload them to Snapfish to make adorable custom coffee mugs, tote bags or tees. I think this would make the cutest surprise for Mother or Father’s Day. Do a portrait of everyone in the family- including your pets!

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