People tell you that the first year of your baby’s life flies by. It does. Like a merry-go-round moving at warp speed. It’s just a blur of lights and sounds and emotions.

One thing I very much wanted to remember was the way his hair began to grow in. When he first came out, he had that wonderful, downy, peach fuzz that brand new babies arrive in. It was very fine and a very pale white color. It was all over his arms and back. I loved it. He reminded me of a baby swan covered in down. He had very little hair to speak of, but one little tuft of it stuck out from the curved back of his skull. It had a reddish tint to it that surprised me. It made him look rather like a tiny little duckling- the same way their tails sort of perk up in the back.

Later, as it began to fill in, it evolved into a funny sort of mullet, thick in the back and non existent on top. Later still, it evolved into funny little wings, which I couldn’t help but trim- they were so odd!

By about six months he had a full head of hair that all swirled out from one perfect colic (or is it cow lick?) on the back of his head and it seemed to part magically on the left and lie smoothly against his skull. It was now strawberry blonde and he reminded me of a very preppy, very square, conservative banker. It always looked freshly combed, probably because I was always stroking it that way, and he wasn’t that mobile yet.

As he got bigger, and more curious and able to explore, lots of things started to get lodged in the hair. Like baby food. Dirt. Dust bunnies. Sweat. Sand. It sometimes stood up in funny ways. He liked having it combed or brushed and liked to take turns trying to do it himself. (It was quite sweet, because he couldn’t quite work out how to hold the comb with the tines touching his head, so it mostly just stroked  his cheek uselessly.)

Now that we’re in Hawaii, I’m quite firm about making him wear his hat whenever we’re outside, which is often. He despises this rule, tugging the hat off at every opportunity. Underneath the hat, his scalp get sweaty, and when he does pull it off, his hair is all plastered down on his head in damp patches, with the middle part flung up in an exasperated twist. It’s marvelous.



Taking a bath with my baby has been one of my favorite moments of motherhood so far. The first time I took him into the tub, he looked at me with wide eyes, and then let out a soft, long sigh and his eyelids fluttered closed. We just lay there together in the warm water for a long while. Now that he is bigger, he is all kicks, splashes and flailing arms in a delighted attempt to eat bubbles. He can’t quite comprehend why they are so tricky to get his hands on. Yesterday, we had a great deal of fun simply pouring water out of a cup onto legs, belly and face.

In fact, we’ve only bathed him in the sink once, and the only soap I’ve used is Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash. The long spa-like soaks are a little rarer now, but I love making it feel special by lighting my favorite candle. What is bath time like at your house?